Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Every Member Gets Paid.....


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What is me2everyone?


Every so often a new idea arrives on the web that makes so much sense.

me2everyone will transform your life as a next generation social / business network. What makes us really different is that our members own this website! So when we make a profit - they make a profit. We are still pre-launching the website, testing new ideas before we start to evolve into a semi-3D world where you can meet friends, chat, shop, play, watch cool videos, create a photo or art gallery, launch your own record label, open a virtual newspaper, buy a virtual house, protect the environment and even make money from your own online store. As you unlock financial benefits or buy an in-world business you can make hundreds or thousands of real world Euros, Pounds or Dollars.

me2everyone will become a place where you and everyone you know make the decisions, shape the world, create incomes and share in the potential multi-million dollar income streams that can come to such a company... And it never has to cost you a single penny! Register now for free and discover why 30,000 people are joining every week!

Is me2everyone real?

Not only is me2everyone real, but you can become a member and a shareholder of me2everyone for free! We are a UK-based company. We are debt-free. We have an authorised share capital of GBP £18m with a very experienced management team and a whole range of exciting options coming in the future. We are designing a company that lasts for many years, makes lots of money for its shareholders and is a real fun place that puts the "social" back into social networking!


Thursday, 10 March 2011

One Million Dollars Per Year..... !

"Who Else Wants To Turn Their Computer
Into a $1 Million Dollar Autopilot Cash Machine?
Not Only Is It Possible..."


What Do You Believe?

At Club Asteria we believe that

  • the more you give, the more you will receive
  • if you are kind to others, you will receive kindness back the more you help someone, the more people will help you
  • no one gets something for nothing; we get it because we earn it
  • together we can make a positive difference in the world
  • we can contribute to ending the cycle of poverty in our lifetime, and that
  • working hard and smart is the proven way to be successful.
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What do you believe that Club Asteria is all about?
You can believe that Club Asteria is all about providing benefits to our members that can bring about a better life for each and every one of them.  Our educational program, e-commerce solution and electronic wallet have all been created to provide a great benefit to each and every one of our members.  With education comes knowledge and power.  With the systems and tools to participate in the Internet marketing business, your earning potential is unlimited.  With an electronic wallet you now have the fastest, most convenient, most cost effective solution to saving, managing and sending your money anywhere in the world. 
What YOU MUST NOT SAY OR DO concerning Club Asteria
  • You cannot say that you can earn money without working for it
  • You cannot say that there is some guarantee of how much money you will earn every week
  • You cannot create your own website and say anything you want about Club Asteria
  • You cannot make income projections
  • You cannot say that this is a passive investment               
  • You cannot say that someone should join if they have no interest in the benefits of our products, programs and services, and
  • You cannot invite others just because of our reward program
All of the above highlight many of the things that you must not be saying.  Further, if you continue to say or imply these things, your membership will be in jeopardy. There are rules, regulations and laws that govern our behavior as a company and online membership organization, and we must respect them.  Our membership rules are clearly outlined in the Terms of Service, which each member has agreed to when they joined. 
At Club Asteria we are dedicated to providing products, programs and services that can benefit the lives of our members. It is up to all of our members to take advantage of them.  If you use our products, programs and services and you see benefits, of course, we want you to tell other people about them.  But please understand that we want new members to join because they too believe that they can benefit from these products, programs and services. Our reward program for recommending a member is just an added bonus, our way of saying “Thank You”.  If each of our members focuses on our products and services we have no doubt that Club Asteria will provide great benefits to all that take advantage of them. 
We are privileged to share our revenue from our products and services with our membership.  We reserve 30% of the earned revenue each week and that is what we share.  There is no guarantee of the amount each member will receive each week.  The only amount of revenue that can and will be shared is what has been received the prior week.  This number will go up or down depending upon the utilization and purchase of our products, programs and services. 
As we all work together and continue to tell people the legitimate truth about the benefits that Club Asteria can offer, our company will continue to prosper and we will be here for many years to provide services for all our members and benefits to the world around us. 

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ad2million has a "cycle faster than purchase" new system. It is a very simple and true working non-sponsoring system that will pay you from day one and month after month. It will provide you even more excitment with great confidence than any other program now or in the past.